• Immigration Medical Examinations (HST included)
    • Child (0-14 years): $115
    • Adult (15+ years):  $160
  • Refugee – FIRST Immigration Medical Examination covered by Interim Federal Health Plan (IFHP)
  • CUAET Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel
    • Child (0-14 years): $60
    • Adult (15+ years): $75
  • Blood Tests: Done at LifeLabs in the same building – LifeLab pricing is set province-wide
    • Immigration medical examinations (IME) is $80 (for ages 15+)
    • CUAET price for blood tests is $70
  • Chest X-Ray: $50, CASH only, (for ages 11+) done at Guelph Medical Imaging (54 Cardigan St., Guelph). Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/K24yTKkuHHkApYaU8
  • Furthered files: $25-$75 (variable). If your file is ‘furthered’ by IRCC after submission you may require further assessments and tests. The total price is dependent on the scope of the issue(s) reviewed.
  • Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash (except x-ray is Cash only).
Grand River at the Elora Gorge near Guelph on a sunny day.